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HVAC Services in Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Living in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay is famous for being the home of the National Football League's Green Bay Packers, but ask anyone who lives in the city and they’ll tell you there’s a lot more to offer. If you’re looking to get some fresh air, there’s plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the many parks, trails, and gardens that are open to the public. On weekends, many locals also like to visit one of the several museums including the National Railroad Museum, the Children’s Museum of Green Bay, and the Oneida Nation Museum.

Many of the city’s vibrant neighborhoods are located downtown since it’s the heart of the community and where many events take place. The Olde Main Street District is full of arts and culture, where you’ll find several art galleries and exhibits, creative businesses and more. If you’re looking for local restaurants and exciting events, head to the Downtown District which is also known for its history. The Broadway District has quickly become a gathering spot for locals as many community events are held here including the Farmers’ Market on Broadway and the 12 Days of Christmas. Money raised during these events is reinvested into the area.

Real estate in Green Bay can be affordable, with 56% of homes in the area valued between $122,001 and $245,000. That said, the median home price is $143,843, so it’s an attractive city for young professionals or those who are looking to raise a family. Single-family homes account for 58% of the inventory and almost 37% of homes have 3 bedrooms. For those who don’t need as much space, there are many apartment options as well, accounting for 36% of the housing stock. If you’re looking for a newer home, it may be difficult as only 10% of homes were built since 2000. That said, 41% of homes were constructed between 1970 and 1999, so some small renovations and upgrades could help to modernize things.

Did You Know

Green Bay average weather

The weather in Green Bay varies quite a bit throughout the seasons. If you like winter, you won’t be disappointed as snow can start to fall as early as October and has lasted into May in the past. December gets the most snowfall with an average of 9.2 days, but residents can expect an average of 40.2 snowfall days throughout the year. Once you get through the winter, summer is much more enjoyable. June gets an average of 15.5 hours of daylight with 10.1 of those hours, on average, being sunshine. July is the warmest month of the year with an average high-temperature of 79.9°F. Since the weather can fluctuate quite a bit, you’ll want to ensure that your home provides adequate heating and cooling to get you through the year.

HVAC rebates and incentives in Green Bay

Residents of Green Bay may qualify for incentives and rebates when purchasing energy efficient units. This is a smart way to lower your upfront costs, but you may also benefit in the long run as your monthly energy bills could drop once the energy efficient equipment is installed. Since rebates often change, it’s best to speak to a Fleet Farm SERVICEfinder professional who can tell you what’s currently available during your no-obligation, in-home consultation.

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HVAC Installation FAQs

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