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Living in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Located on the southern shores of Lake Winnebago, Fond du Lac was founded in 1836 and officially became a city in 1852. With easy access to lakes, rivers, parks, hunting grounds, and more than 400 acres of recreational space, it’s safe to say the area is great for those who like the outdoors. For a small city, Fond du Lac has a thriving downtown core where you can find the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts and the Gallery Frame Shop, which has been operating since 1975. If you have young children, there are plenty of family attractions such as the Children's Museum of Fond du Lac where they can learn through interactive exhibitions. Alternatively, there’s the Fondy Sports Park where you can drive go-karts or play a round of mini-golf.

Even though Fond du Lac is small compared to other cities in Wisconsin, there are many unique districts to check out. The Galloway Historic Village District is a favorite for locals of all ages. It features turn-of-the-century buildings including a church, dress shop, carriage house, and more. The Mall District is where you can go if you need some retail therapy. Major retailers are found here, but it’s the locally-owned restaurants and unique shops that stand out. With historic churches, nightlife, and modern cuisine, the Downtown District is an exciting area where historic meets contemporary.

Real estate in Fond du Lac has a homeownership rate of close to 63%. The city is family-friendly as well, with 67% of the housing inventory being single-family homes. Of all the homes available, almost 43% have 3 bedrooms. Another 18% have 4+ bedrooms, so finding a home with a lot of space likely won’t be an issue. An important thing to note is that 35% of homes were built between 1970 and 1999. However, a few minor renovations or upgrades could quickly modernize things. 15% of homes were built since 2000, so there are still plenty of options if you’re looking for something newer.

Did You Know

Fond du Lac average weather

The weather in Fond Du Lac varies as it sees all four seasons. The warmest month of the year is July, where the average high-temperature is 80ºF with the low-temperature averaging 61ºF. January can be bitterly cold as the average low-temperature is just 10ºF. Snow can fall as early as November and can last as long as April. Overall, residents can expect to get an average of 36 inches of snow throughout the year. With fluctuating weather, you’ll want to ensure that your home has HVAC equipment that keeps you warm during winter and cool throughout the summer.

HVAC rebates and incentives in Fond du Lac

Any resident of Fond du Lac who is thinking about purchasing energy efficient HVAC units will want to research any available rebates. These incentives can be valuable as you could get cash back when purchasing specific equipment. Not only will it help offset your costs, but the new equipment could lower your monthly energy bills. If you’re not sure what’s available, you can ask a Fleet Farm SERVICEfinder professional during your no-obligation, in-home consultation as they’ll be up to date on any available rebates.

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