10 Reasons to Hire a Contractor Instead of Doing It Yourself

Home projects and upgrades that are best left to the pros.

Published March 4, 20212 min read

There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with a DIY project, as well as the chance to learn something new. Sprucing up a room in your house with a new coat of paint or building a new workbench for the garage are great projects to do on your own. But, when it comes to installing a new HVAC system, replacing your roof, or renovating your bathroom or kitchen, it’s better to leave those projects to the experts. 

Why hire a contractor? 10 reasons to let the experts do it.

Even if the project isn’t as complex as replacing your furnace or installing new windows, there are other reasons to hire a contractor instead of taking on the project yourself:

1. Your time is valuable

No matter how long you think it will take to complete, most DIY projects take longer to finish than planned. A contractor has the skills and knowledge to get the job done quickly, and on schedule.

2. Schedules and timelines

DIY projects are often affected by outside influences. Your work schedule, family commitments, and the need for relaxation often take priority causing delays. With a good contractor (like those reviewed and approved through SERVICEfinder), you can be confident in a job well done. If there are unavoidable delays, a contractor can also add additional resources to the project to ensure timelines are maintained.

3. Permit management

Not all home projects will require a permit from your local government, but if it does, a contractor can help you navigate the process of getting the permits and the approvals needed.

4. Insurance

Depending on the scope of the project, your home may become a job site. A professional contractor will have the necessary insurance coverage if anything goes wrong. From injuries and property damage to equipment and tool theft, a contractor’s insurance policy adds a layer of extra protection above what your home insurance includes.

5. The right tools for the job

A contractor has the tools and equipment necessary for the job, whereas DIY homeowners often don’t. Buying, borrowing, or renting all of the tools and equipment you’ll need can be costly and time consuming.

6. Know-how on supplies, materials, and brands

An experienced contractor knows what supplies are needed for the project and where to get them. One stop at a big box store may not cut it. A contractor can also offer expert insight on the options available to you, as well as the brands in the market. For example, not all plumbing fixtures are created equal, and the same is true for flooring, roofing shingles, and kitchen cabinetry. A contractor can help you select the products that will fit your lifestyle and budget best, and then source it for you.

7. Contractor discounts

Many places offer contractors discounts to encourage their loyalty through repeat business. Often, contractors will pass some of these savings on to you.

8. Managing the delivery schedule

Whether it’s picking up the materials needed or being available when they’re dropped off at your home, part of a contractor’s job is to ensure supplies and materials are delivered in a timely fashion to keep the project moving forward.

9. Expect the unexpected

A contractor is accustomed to things not always going as planned once a project has started. They’re also skilled and have the resources (e.g. knowledge and experience) to help keep your project on track.

10. A wealth of trade connections

Home renovations and projects usually require the expertise of tradespeople. Whether the job needs the skills of a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or someone licensed to disconnect or connect natural gas appliances, a contractor will have a list of contacts to turn to for help.

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